Manga Bible series

Manga Messiah vol.1   "Mary" (left)    "The Angel Gabriel" (right)
Manga Apostolos vol.2   "The Pentecost" (left)    "The Repentance of Saul" (right)

In February 2008, we have published the first manga (comic) Bible volume, Messiah. This is in collaboration with New Life League Japan, to publish five volumes of stories from the Bible. The first volume is about the life on Jesus, and the second volume, which was published in May, is about the life on the Apostles, focusing on Peter and Paul, called, Apostolos. The third to the fifth volumes are going to be stories from the Old Testament.
The illustrations are done by two Japanese artists, one for the Old Testament, and the other for the New Testament. The script is edited by JBS translation department. The pages are all in colours, 288 pages each for the first two volumes.

Manga Bible vols. 1 & 2 data
Cat. No. NI550P-1 (vol.1); NI550P-2 (vol.2)
ISBN: 978-4-8202-4266-6 (vol.1); 978-4-8202-4267-3 (vol.2)
288 pages, all in colours
Size: 210mm×140mm
Domestic Price: JPY 1,000