Panoramic Bible

At the beggining of this autumn, JBS published multi purpose bible named "Panoramic bible". The success of the " Art bible", bible with lots of paintings, suggested us many things. We heard many voices desiring to understand the Bible in a much deeper way. Hence in the most recent publication, the "Panoramic Bible," we decided to enlarge the size (257mm×367mm) for increasing visual effects and to include the texts from all books of the Bible, as well as putting many study notes, explanations, chronological tables, genealogies, etc.

The efforts resulted in a balanced book with variety of information for "reading", "seeing" and "studying" the Bible. This epoch-making publication is designed to allow even the people who read the Bible for the first time, to easily experience the vastness and the depth of the Bible.

The Panoramic Bible DATA
Cat.No.NI PAN/ISBN4-8202-4216-4 208pages text 9pt font., explanation 7pt font, full colored
domestic price $263, size 257×364mm
Passages from the Bible : about 200
Maps: 35 Solid maps: 2 Illustrations: 29
Pictures : 153 Chronological Tables: 9
Genealogies : 19 Paintings : about 120 Charts :17 Explanations : 454
Outlines of the Bible : 11 Columns : 11
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