International Bible Forum 2007

The Bible speaks

We had many participants last year for the International Bible Forum 2006. Japan Bible Society is planning to hold another International Bible Forum this year in June, stimulated by the high interest in the Bible. Last year, the "Gospel of Judas" became a hot topic. We take this as a great opportunity to re-learn the foundation of the Bible, and have decided to invite Professor Marvin Meyer, who is the major figure in the "Gospel of Judas" research, and many other front-line researchers, who will be speaking on the topics of the canonical books, Apocrypha, and Pseudepigrapha.

Dates: 27-28 June, 2007

27 June (Wed.) 12:30-16:30 / Reception: 18:30-20:30
28 June (Thur.) 10:00-16:30

Admission fee

Advance ticket: ¥1,200 each for one lecture; Ticket A (for the 2 lectures on the 27th) ¥2,000; Ticket B (for the 3 lectures on the 28th) ¥3,000

Ticket sold on site: ¥1,500 each for one lecture

*We are selling the advance tickets from the 19th March
For the tickets, contact:   tel: 03-3567-1987 fax: 03-3567-4451

International Bible Forum 2007 Reception

Date and Time: 27 June (Wed.), 18:30-20:30

Place: Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo, Primavera II (4F)

Cost: ¥8,000 (dinner included)

* We are selling the advance tickets from the 19th March
For the reception, contact:   tel: 03-3567-1988 fax: 03-3567-4451


  • Richard Bauckham
  • Francois Bovon
  • Carol L. Meyers
  • Marvin Meyer
  • William L. Holladay

*All the lectures will be in English with Japanese shown via the projector
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