Japan Bible Society has publish 36 Bible Picture Books for children, one book per month for three years, completing in March 2011. The two artists who drew the pictures of the Old and the New Testaments are Japanese, Mr Shiro Fujimoto (OT) and Ms. Sachiko Sugita (NT) . The stories are all in Japanese.

The picture books come with the Bible description pages at the end so that parents can explain to the children what the story is about as well as its cultural and historical background.

The publishing dates of Bible Picture Book Series

Apr. vol.1 The Beginning of the World
May vol.2 The Boy Jesus and John the Baptist
Jun. vol.3 The Story of Abraham - Believing in the Promise -
Jul. vol.4 The Wedding in Cana - A Mother's Concern -
Aug. vol.5 Samson's Secret - Why is He So Strong? -
Sep. vol.6 The Good Samaritan - Kind but Hated -
Oct. vol.7 Gideon's Horn
Nov. vol.8 Martha and Mary
Dec. vol.9 Led by a Star - the Christmas Story 1 -
Jan. vol.10 David and Goliath
Feb. vol.11 Daniel and the Riddles
Mar. vol.12 The Road of the Cross
Apr. vol.13 Noah's Ark
May vol.14 Follow Me - Jesus and His Disciples -
Jun. vol.15 Stairway to Heaven−Jacob's Life
Jul. vol.16 Five Loaves of Bread and Two Fishes
Aug. vol.17 Jonah - Man Swallowed by a Fish -
Sep. vol.18 Stray Sheep (The Lost Son)
Oct. vol.19 Hannah's Prayer and Samuel
Nov. vol.20 The Temptation in the Desert
Dec. vol.21 The Angels' News - the Christmas Story 2 -
Jan. vol.22 Elijah the Prophet
Feb. vol.23 Esther, the Brave Princess
Mar. vol.24 Peter's Promise
Apr. vol.25 Exodus - The Story of Moses -
May vol.26 Pentecost - The Beginning of the Church -
Jun. vol.27 Joseph in the Egyptian Court
Jul. vol.28 Zacchaeus and the Rich Man
Aug. vol.29 The Wall of Jericho
Sep. vol.30 Jesus' Parables
Oct. vol.31 Ruth and Naomi
Nov. vol.32 Don't Worry, Get Up! - Healing of Jesus -
Dec. vol.33 Shepherds' Night - the Christmas Story 3 -
Jan. vol.34 Solomon's Wisdom
Feb. vol.35 Paul Met Jesus
Mar. vol.36 A New World